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What is

Offidon is a platform for office owners and companies looking for office for lease.

General Rules

  • The status must be information or inquiries about OFFICE BUILDINGS.
  • The status must be written in lowercase (except initial letters and names)
  • Each post can contain only one building information
  • A text-only post must be within 500 characters
  • Only 4 images are allowed in a post
  • All hashtags must follow the hashtag rules in next pages
  • Contact (phone, email, address) is allowed, but we don’t take responsibility for your contact information being used inappropriately in any case

Hash Tag Rules

  • All hashtags must be in English (e.g. #district1)
  • No space is used in a hashtag. (e.g. #phu nhuan)
  • No diacritic mark is used in a hashtag (e.g. #phúnhuận)
  • Separate 2 hashtags by a space " " (e.g. #binhthanh #dienbienphu)
  • Hashtags of price and size must follow the range rules in next page
  • Hashtag rules are applied to all users

Range Rules

Range rules are applied to price and size

  • 100 sqm and below: #100sqm
  • From over 100 sqm to under 150 sqm: #150sqm
  • From over 150 sqm to 200 sqm: #200sqm
  • From over 200 sqm to 250 sqm: #250sqm
  • Etc

  • 15 usd and below: #15usd
  • From over 15 usd to 20 usd: #20usd
  • From over 20 usd to 25 usd: #25usd
  • From over 25 usd to 30 usd: #30usd
  • Etc

Property Information Rules

A post must include the following information in hashtag (#):
  • Location – street and district only (e.g. #binhthanh #dienbienphu)
  • Price – in usd (e.g. #20usd)
  • Project/building name in full (if any) (e.g. #bitexco)
  • Property grade – A, B, C, etc. (e.g. #gradeb)
  • Size – in sqm (square meters) (e.g. 100sqm)

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